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We're part of a world-wide community movement in response to peak oil and climate change. This site gives you details of our up and coming events and meetings, as well as reports and related matters that are going on in Norwich and East Anglia.

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Saturday, October 1, 2011

This Low Carbon Life is Two Years Old!

On October 4 This Low Carbon Life will be two years old. As Mark Watson wrote recently for the Transition Network's Social Reporting Project:
"For almost two years now the bloggers on This Low Carbon Life have published between us over 650 posts on everything from house insulation, saving toads, economic collapse, addiction to love and stuff, the Uncivilisation festival and
the woes of rural (and city) public transport, to celebrations, recipes, sharing meals, growing food, cycling, recycling, communications, plants, bees, lacto-fermentation and downshifting in low-carbon style. I’m not going to put links to all of these – but there is truly a low carbon post for everyone so do have a look."
The national Social Reporting project was inspired by our community daily blog and stars two of the TN bloggers, Mark and Kerry Lane (now up at Transition University at West of Scotland). The pilot will run every day with guest editors writing on a Transition theme and a crew of 12 reporters around the country responding during the week. Don't miss tomorrow's first guest editorial by Peter Lipman, Chair of the Transition Network on The Big Picture. You can read my editor's welcome to the project here.

Meanwhile back in Norwich we're celebrating a brilliant year with a "retroblog" and you can enjoy some of our fave posts next week. Many thanks to everyone who has contributed, commented cross-posted, photographed and read us through these months. It doesn't happen without you. Charlotte Du Cann

Photos: Mark Watson leading a bee and flower walk at Bungay Beehive Day by Muhammad Amin; Kerry Lane working in her Transition office in Glasgow from Stories by our Social Reporters