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We're part of a world-wide community movement in response to peak oil and climate change. This site gives you details of our up and coming events and meetings, as well as reports and related matters that are going on in Norwich and East Anglia.

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Friday, January 9, 2009

The Strangers' Circle

The Strangers’ Circle is one of the Transition Circles established through the “Transition Norwich 2” discussions. Like Transition Circle West, we are a small group of individuals who are working to reduce our own carbon footprint and environmental footprint, coming together to learn from each other and support each other in this endeavour.

The members of the Strangers’ Circle all live outside Norwich, and mostly to the south of the city. (The word Stranger was used historically to denote people who came from outside of Norwich ).

So far we’ve had meetings looking at our home energy use, transport, food and “stuff” (that is, consumption of goods and services in general). We have been quantifying how far we’ve managed to reduce our footprint. Some of us were determined to reduce to below half of the average UK footprint during the first Transition Circle year (and succeeded!) and then work on further reductions after that.

Since July 2010 we have embarked on the sequence of discussions about Resilience and have begun a Wholefood Buying Co-op.

Because we live in geographically dispersed locations, some of us are thinking about seeding new groups in the places where we live.

For find out more about the group or to take part please contact Tully Wakeman tully@transitionnorwich.org.

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Dragon Dreaming - Lord Mayor's Procession - 11 July

It's been a year of dragons for Norwich - a whole flock of dragons camped out in the Forum earlier this year. Norwich itself is symbolised by a dragon, so it seemed to be the obvious candidate for a pedal-powered creation to represent Transition Norwich in this year's Lord Mayor's Procession.
The Procession is one of the most colourful and best-loved events of the year. The TN dragon will be making its first appearance so do volunteer to join us on the night if you can. Back to the Streets, an Arts Council England funded project is bringing international and national artists to work with local people on an exciting element of the parade.

Dragon construction is taking place in Belona's back garden in Waldeck Road. As this bulletin goes to press she has a beautiful shape and is being fleshed out with strips of theatrical backdrop and she will painted in the Transition colours of green and blue. There will be a dragon rider who will pedal her on a borrowed bike trailer through the city street. Transition volunteers will have the opportunity to leaflet the watching citizens of Norwich.

If you would like to help in her construction or on the day please contact Belona on 01603 250122 or email info@transitionnorwich.co.uk. Lord Mayor's Procession. .6.45-9pm, Norwich City Centre.

Thursday, January 1, 2009

NR3 Group

We’ve been meeting regularly since January 2009, bringing together like-minded people wanting to help the planet we inhabit, and the local community we live in.

It started in a local pub, over local beer, and through mutual appreciation of the humble pint and a desire to be involved in something important, the seed grew.

Since those early days, the group met most weekends in 2009 both to continue developing ideas and used the Rangers House on Mousehold Heath as a base from which a range of activities were organised including building willow benders, the equinox picnic and Earth hour. With the transition philosophy in mind, the group has developed many ideas for grass roots level community projects, with the aim to engage and benefit the local community.

As the group continues to grow and flourish, hopefully the seeds we have planted will do also, and we will blog regularly on This Low Carbon Life (the TN blog) to share how things are going.

Since the emergence of the NR3 group there have been a number of changes around the locality... A local artist put a directions sign between the Whalebone pub and the Church that said ‘pub/church’. This then led to a carol service took in the pub. The local florist has started providing biodegradable cellophane and another shop has started selling vintage clothes. Artists living or working in NR3 have started exhibiting their work in Anna's Farm Stores.

Meetings have taken place all around the local NR3 / Sewell area and have been in the Cider Shed and Whalebone pubs, Anna's Farms Stores back garden, Aladdin's Cafè on Magdalen Street. The meetings are advertised on the TN calendar and in Anna's for the non- computer types! They are fairly informal and tend to centre around a specific activity i.e. the Christmas fair or more recently the Magdalen Street Celebration which started out with a small gathering of interested folk and has turned into a huge event involving local businesses, the five ways to Wellbeing network, communty groups and lots more local people!

Contact: Helen Simpson Slapp at helenofnorwich@hotmail.com

Click here to view / join the NR3 email discussion group (Google Group)