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We're part of a world-wide community movement in response to peak oil and climate change. This site gives you details of our up and coming events and meetings, as well as reports and related matters that are going on in Norwich and East Anglia.

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Wednesday, September 26, 2012

What's Happening in Transition Norwich - 28 September

Join us to find out more and be part of this expanding, inspiring, creative and forward-looking movement at 7:45pm on Friday 28th September at Inner Space, Maude Gray Court, St Benedicts St, Norwich NR2 4PA

During this informal gathering of those who are passionate about environmental and social justice, we will be discussing how to expand, inspire, engage and create a lasting shift towards a better, low-carbon future in Norwich. We will be talking about success stories both locally and from further afield, ways we can collaborate across organisations and ways we can engage with larger audiences in the future.

Anyone is welcome, so whether your concern is inequality, environmental degradation, economic instability or the effects of the rising costs of oil, we'd love to see you and talk about what we can achieve together! You are invited to bring a handful of veg and/or herbs to add to a shared dinner.

For further details or directions please contact either:
Simeon Jackson (Tel: 07816 231009 Email: simeon [at] simeonjackson.co.uk)
Christine Way (Tel: 01603 614460)

Image: http://www.flickr.com/photos/dreamfish/3368619008/in/photostream/

Thursday, September 20, 2012

Third Magdalen Street Celebration - 13 October

On Saturday October 13th, the 3rd annual Magdalen Street Celebration extends its festivities to next door’s St. Augustine Street neighbourhood.
Since the widely appreciated street scene improvements to St. Augustine's, the organisers for this successful daylong event are including new venues and locally-owned businesses for October’s revelry.

Stuart McLaren, Secretary to the St Augustine's Community Together Residents' Association, said: Since modernisation works have been completed to St. Augustine's there is more openness in the local street scene, with interesting new shops and galleries opening and a growing sense of community. The area is ripe for more businesses to move in now”

Helen Simpson of the organising committee said “The goal of the day is to bring together neighbourhood residents, regulars and visitors to highlight Magdalen Street's role as a hub of creative, independently-owned, ethnically diverse and environmentally sustainable businesses.”
Norwich residents who would like to help support the renaissance of the Over the Water area are invited to join the organising group, to offer their help in whatever capacity. The call out to the community is for artists and craftspeople, traders and local groups, charities and voluntary groups, to come forward and be part of this great day. Chris Hull
To get involved: contact Lynn Howe magdalenstreet@gmail.com or telephone 07854 607 414. Meetings are held on the last Tuesday of every month (see calendar on right or Celebration website) at the new Stage community centre at 52 Augustine's St.

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Transition Network UK Conference

The 2012 Conference held at the Battersea Arts Centre, London, was six days long, more of a "Festival of Transition" than a formal convergence. It included a two day Thrive Training, a REconomy Day, Youth Symposium and National Hubs days. Here is a video of clips from the main weekend event of workshops, gatherings, open space, caberet and Transition High Street group process.

Full reports can be found on the Transition Conference 2012 blog.

Thursday, September 6, 2012

Transition Network UK Conference 2012 - 13-18 September

This year the Transition Conference will take place in London, hosted by the Battersea Arts Centre (BAC), and the conference aims to provide a weekend of events and workshops that explore the theme of "Building Resilience in Extraordinary Times".
The programme has 5 distinct elements, which can be attended as stand-alone events or in combination:
Main Transition Conference
The main Conference gives you the chance to connect with people from all over the UK - and the world – who have taken th
e Transition approach into their hearts, lives and communities.

Whether new or experienced in Transition this will be an opportunity to plunge into a rich pool of ideas, inspiration and practical learning, refresh your energy and make new friendsThe theme this year will be explored through a wide variety of activities and processes including programmed workshops, an Open Space afternoon, walks and visits, and a great Saturday evening of entertainment, including an open mic slot. It will draw in elements of the REconomy and Young Transition conferences happening the previous day.

The full programme is now available.

Saturday, September 1, 2012

Norwich Farmshare: Introduction to Permaculture Course -22 September

led by growers Brenna Powys and Tierney Woods
The course is open to anyone, members and non-members alike, so do tell any of your friends who might be interested. It’s a great chance to come and learn about the principles of permaculture – and how they can be applied in a whole host of situations; from the expected (your garden, farm or local park) to the unexpected (your work, community group or family).
Permaculture is at the heart of the Transition movement and, as FarmShare emerged from Transition Norwich where many involved were inspired by permaculture principles, we thought this would be a great course to run on the land at Postwick. In essence permaculture (from ‘permanent agriculture‘ and ‘permanent culture‘) is about “designing sustainable human communities by following nature’s patterns” and the weekend course will introduce the key guiding principles; from observation and reflection through the underpinning ethical framework to the practical design approach.
You’ll also get to meet other local permaculturalists and see examples of projects in the growing Norfolk Network!
The weekend can be regarded as a taster before embarking on the full design course but is also useful as a standalone introduction.
Dates: Saturday 15th in Norwich city centre venue Bicycle Links and Saturday 22nd at FarmShare site at Postwick
Cost: £50-£60 per person (depending on number of participants.). Concessions available.
For more information speak to or email Tierney
To find out more about permaculture visit the Permaculture Association’s website HERE