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We're part of a world-wide community movement in response to peak oil and climate change. This site gives you details of our up and coming events and meetings, as well as reports and related matters that are going on in Norwich and East Anglia.

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Monday, March 16, 2009

NEWS: Core Group Reforms!

After two dynamic meetings of the Supercore Group (a temporary forum composed of reps from all TN groups) a process for electing a new core group has finally emerged. Anyone from Transition Norwich who would like to offer their skills for this role is now invited to contact Chris or Tully. This is an informal "first round" stage and more details of the election process will follow shortly (watch this space). At a recent original core group meeting it was decided that three new members should be elected to join Chris, Tully and Christine. Core group membership will run for a maximum of two years. Do you have what it takes? Contact Tully tully@transitionnorwich.org or Chris chrishull@phonecoop.coop.

Reskilling Group

The Reskilling group aims to spread practical skills that will be useful in a post-peak-oil world, by connecting people who do not have those skills to those who have them and are willing to teach them.

Reskilling is about the learning of new skills and brushing up on old/traditional practical skills, which contributes towards developing a self-reliant community, better able to sustain itself and thrive. Reskilling aims to give people in this community a sense of self-reliance, raise self-esteem, and of course there is also quite a social aspect too! Meeting new friends of similar mind, sharing, learning from one another, helping each other, and ultimately, passing on to the future generations what we have learned.

The Reskilling group will work in harmony with the other groups, directing people toward any existing or planned workshops or events being offered by the other Transition Norwich groups, or organisations outside of the Transition initiative, and to bridge any gaps where workshops are not currently available by providing them. Reskilling will help to promote capability, to prepare for an energy scarce future, and to allow those involved to feel empowered to do things for themselves.

The Reskilling group wants to make it possible for everyone in Transition and beyond to learn the skills they would like to know and need to live a sustainable life. This covers everything from knitting to jam-making, carpentry to cob building, any skill you could potentially think of.

In 2009 we were involved in organising the Transition midsummer summer party and we held magazine bead and material bag making workshops at the Green Christmas Fair in NR3, organised by one of our members. We also had a group excursion to the Weird and Wonderful Wood fair and had a go on a pole lathe!
Our current activities are organising workshop sessions on certain themes. In the spring we ran several 'textiles' workshops where we learnt how to knit, to crochet and to make rag rugs. This autumn we are going to be running some workshops on food related skills. These workshops are organised by a small group of interested people, our meetings are always put on to the calendar and everyone is very welcome to come along join in the fun, help out and contribute any suggestions you may have for workshops.

There is a list of skills required for a post-oil world in the Resources Section, starting with skills most people will need to know and broadening out to conside local and city services. These skills range from growing and cooking food from scratch (preserving, gleaning, brewing), to repair (everything from shoes to plumbing) and artisanal skills (tailors sharing resources, natural healthcare and low-carbon entertainment.We are a very open group and would love to welcome anyone who wants to share or learn any skills. Do join the online group to learn more about upcoming events and discussion.