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We're part of a world-wide community movement in response to peak oil and climate change. This site gives you details of our up and coming events and meetings, as well as reports and related matters that are going on in Norwich and East Anglia.

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Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Communications Live! See, hear and read all about us - 1 and 3 March

We’re on line! After months of discussion re. design and content our new website is up and running! Just click here to have a quick look. As you can see it’s become a blog of its own. We decided this was a great way to incorporate the news blog into our information base, as well provide a lively and flexible format that can be updated easily. Find everything you need to know about here: theme groups and Transition Circles, news, reviews, an archive of our past events, resources and the TN calendar. We hope you like it!

Meanwhile on our other community blogThis Low Carbon Life – it was not just the weather that was full on in Feb as we paid close attention to the health business, food of the future, low carbon loves, changing the dream and saving Norwich toads from extinction. This month we narrow our gaze in our first topic week and tackle the thorny subject of Flying. We’d love you to join the debate www.transitionnorwich.blogspot.com. Flying is the largest elephant in the room when it comes to carbon reduction (a massive 10 tons to fly to Australia alone) and treads heavily on the world’s consumer dreams. Watch out for turbulence!

And finally we’re also on air. Chris Hull will be doing another Future Radio interview (96.9FM) for TN next Wednesday - March 3rd at 11.15 a.m. (Charlotte Du Cann/Communications) Listen to it here.