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We're part of a world-wide community movement in response to peak oil and climate change. This site gives you details of our up and coming events and meetings, as well as reports and related matters that are going on in Norwich and East Anglia.

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Friday, November 9, 2012

Trade School at the Common Room -10 November

Exploring a way to bring St Laurence’s church back into use as a new type of shared space

Social Spaces and 00:/ are working in collaboration with the Churches Conservation Trust to try out a new concept to bring St Laurence’s church into re-use. It is a called The Common Room. We are introducing the idea to everyone by bringing it to life for a "prototype day" on Saturday 10 November - and we would love you to be part of it…

The Common Room could transform the church into a new type of shared space, made and shaped collectively by the community, and run on the principles of collaboration, connection and resourcefulness. More than a coffee shop, gallery, traditional community centre or office, the Common Room is a place where you can fix yourself a cup of tea, meet people and read your emails. Bring a dish and share a meal with others. Learn how to fix your bike, or the toaster. Or try and build your next big invention.

Great ideas, projects and enterprises seldom originate from a single person working in isolation. For stimulation, enthusiasm and collaboration we need to work in an environment full of people, ideas, learning, conversation....

+ Share your ideas for what you might like to do in the space if you were a member of The Common Room Co-operative.
+ Come to afternoon tea on the long table
+ Sign up for a Trade School class, or register to teach www.tradeschool.coop/norwich. Exchange food, items or advice for new knowledge - herbs for resilience to time skills to social media
+ Join a conversation on the long table – or offer to host one.
+ Join an activity– drop in to bake bread or build a web app.

The Common Room – prototype day. Saturday 10 November. 9am – 4pm St Laurence’s Church, Saint Benedict Street, Norwich NR2 4PG h Website: www.thecommonroom.so Email: thecommonroom.norwich@gmail.com.

Poster for event; Trade School class in USA